What’s the secret to living confidently and boldly?
You have to make friends with yourself first. 

Self-Compassion isn’t selfish. It's the foundation for well-being and joy. 

Do you think of yourself with tenderness and kindness?
Or do you listen to your loud inner critic? Most of us listen to the familiar bully that says we’re flawed and unworthy.
How would your life change if you could end the mental turmoil?

What if you could navigate your inner landscape and our stressful world with certainty that you are more than worthy?
Being human means being perfectly imperfect — what a relief, right?
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Mental and physical well-being
Life satisfaction
Emotional resilience
Motivation to stick with healthy habits 

Please consider Kristin 
Neff's  research for more details. 


What is Mindful
Self-Compassion anyway?

You probably know the golden rule, “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” Well, Self-Compassion is applying the golden rule to yourself. 

Treat yourself the way you’d treat a friend — with kindness, empathy, love, and compassion. I promise life gets easier when you open your heart and stop judging yourself. 


Unpleasant thoughts aren’t the problem. They’re only an issue when you unconsciously react. Luckily, you can learn to observe them without judging yourself or getting sucked into negativity. Mindfulness helps you accept your thoughts and emotions, feel them, and continue moving forward.   



We’re all human. We go through hard things and feel inadequate, making plenty of mistakes along the way. But sometimes, we think we’re the only person suffering. Realizing that others have similar struggles makes all the difference. We’re all navigating through the emotional wilderness. You don’t have to feel isolated and alone.



Gentleness and love feel much better than criticism and shame. You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be kinder. Learn how to nurture yourself with kindness so you can be resilient and live confidently.





My offerings focus on three elements of Mindful Self-Compassion based on research from Kristin Neff & Chris Germer.

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Franzi. After struggling with low self-esteem for years, I finally did something about it. My quest to conquer my insecurities eventually became a framework for a happy, fulfilling life. Now, I help women tame their inner critics and embrace life during the muddy middle with Mindful Self-Compassion practices.



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Let's make friends with the nagging voice so you can stop overthinking and finally enjoy life. All it takes is a little kindness & compassion


Three paths to explore compassion




Ann Lurie

Mindful Self-Compassion improved my overall health. I feel more relaxed and rarely judge myself now. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a chance to feel happier and healthier. You deserve it!"

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Compassion in your inbox

Get inspiration for living a more balanced, compassionate life delivered to your inbox once a month.