May 12, 2021
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Modern Self-Compassion

Looking back in 2018, I was overdetermined to make it my year. It should be life-changing to be clear. It wasn't that much of a goal-getter thing. I had deeper meaningful plans for finding my inner truth. Re-assessing my values and looking behind the facade. 

Somedays I feel like I could grab some extra sweet popcorn, snuggle up with my childhood blanket (the one you get when you are born), and start binge-watch my thoughts and behavior. My progress, trying and striving, resistance, and everything else add to my life journey. 

It doesn´t always felt like a blockbuster. Sometimes it is a more repetitive scene without a clear director's cut. 
Season one: It all started with becoming more me🧡
I went out there to find the truth of life and answer all the other earth-shattering questions that are out there for a reason.
What do I want? How to be happy? What am I here for? How can I shift the world? 

Time and wise words from wise teachers (and a long friendship with a therapist ) help me understand that I was living in a cocoon. For over 30 years. Mother Nature designs cocoons to outlast different stages of development. Guess that is not a bad thing. So I decided to make friends with my stages of progress and understand the purpose & safety of my cocoon.
I am here, willing to learn, bringing patience and curiosity. Being ready when the time is right to open up.

Speaking about opening up in one sentence is not being fair with the actual process of unfolding. Actually, it revealed that opening "my cocoon" was not as easy and fast, as I expected it to be.

So my learned behavior still knocks frequently on the door of my cocoon and gets me into ruminating about the past (over and over again) and worrying about the future. 

I am always coming back to trusting my process of opening up to becoming more me. Those are the questions that came up on my way: 

  • How to dwell in the present moment?
  • Is there a  one-size-fits-all approach to progress & happiness and I am good to go?

After quite some time, research, and further studies, I chose mindful self-compassion to be my cure. To help me get out of my cocoon, accept myself just as I am, and show kindness and compassion to me. At any time I might need it. It is my loving relationship with myself. A  kind and exciting adventure. Helping myself to grow every cell in the cocoon, knowing that I will be ready.  Showing up with kindness, love, and curiosity is one thing you can actively contribute. 

Please check out the player and listen to the guided meditation "Cocoon".

 Love Franzi

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

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