Missing connection during pandemic

Apr 28, 2021
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Modern Self-Compassion
Missing connection during pandemic

If you ask strangers on the street, the #1 thing most people are missing during covid-19 is a real connection. In a world of constant digital sharing about all the stuff we do during our fancy days, there is still the need to connect to each other AND even more important to our precious selves. 

t's a matter of fact that connections are fairly rare during covid-19. At least a solid reason for some encouragement to connect to yourself.  For many of us, our so-called self-love is filled build from outside attention. from compliments, achievements, and wow-reaction.

Who does not like them?!? Maybe it's time to bring in some extra uplifting feelings from inside. 

A great way to connect to ourselves is by wishing ourselves well from the bottom of our hearts. It might take a little practice to come in the flow to open up.
The classic way to do that is by saying the kind phrases out loud. I invite you to listen to the audio and repeat the phrases directly with me. I prefer whispering it in silence. So only I can hear it. 

Imagine you're shopping new jeans - not every phrase (jeans) suits every woman :) 
You will feel it! 

Start listen to the short & sweet audio that will capture loving kindness wishes - for you. For me. For us. For your friends. For the energetic little lady at the bakery close by.

And if I have a really good day, I try to include persons, I am mad at. Yep. This sounds quite nice, but guess what it is so hard! Today, I include the most irreverent hairdresser I have ever been to ...
May he be happy & healthy as well. (AND may he learn how to dress hairs in the 20 century!) 

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