Self-Compassion is the New Luxury

Apr 27, 2021
What a morning. 

Always try to start off the day with the right food first. That get`s my early bird routine in place, where I am trying to see what the day has got for me. Sounds like a smooth plan? Yep, but you know, life does not always happen like this.

I just had a sip of these bulletproof coffee thing (everybody tries) and I spilled it directly on my new cashmere top. WTF!! I shouted at myself silently, not to wake up anyone. You´re such a stupid ...

Hang on. There it was. This little voice telling me that blaming myself won't make me feel better in the end. My old habits would usually be arguing about it and leave me with wise words that it still sucks. This time, I ended up changing shirts and putting on my fav lipstick to feel dressed up and pretty. 🤩 I just realized that being my new BFF is a new luxury. ... to find sometimes in between those moments of ordinary breakfast & cashmere.
You can find it too.

Shine on.

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