Don't beat yourself up anymore. There is a way to embrace all bits of life without ignoring your suffering.

Life is a beautiful struggle for all of us. Self-Compassion is the best response because some things cannot be left to chance.

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The MSC program is a good fit for you if 

You’re experiencing overwhelm and feelings of self-doubt. Enhance your capacity for emotional well-being, create a comforting place to be.

Build healthy habits to increase energy levels. You might have had tension or overwhelm at work and within your social life. Now you are looking for a better work-life balance.

Listen to your inner wisdom to live life on your terms.
You wish to feel confident enough to speak up for yourself rather than self-doubting or saying nothing.

Connect to your heart, to feel unconditional love. You have a strong inner critic and you need a supportive inner coach.

Set healthy boundaries—even when life gets crazy. You worry more about others without really finding out what you truly need. 

Last but not least: have authentic and lasting relationships that flourish and make you feel happy.

 "I help women 30 plus, embrace life during the muddy middle, stop ruminate & criticize themselves - so that they can connect to their hearts & bodies to care for the essential thing in life. Together we arrive at the sweet spot between being fierce & vulnerable". 

Tiffany Brown

"Before I took the course, I often felt an enormous weight on my shoulder. I guess I was constantly avoiding something inside of me. I was overwhelmed, tired, sad. MSC helped me engage with my feelings differently. What a relief."

Jane Huff

"I fell in love with mindful self-compassion because a friend recommended it to me. I really wished to have discovered this beautiful theory way earlier, before losing my marriage."

Elizabeth E. 

"I used to eat when I felt unworthy. With the MSC program, I learned to be kind to myself. The authentic kindness. Not the sugar coating thing. I am aware of unhealthy habits and know how to treat myself to feel worthy o love."

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Jan 26th, - March 16th, 22


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with wholehearted,
good intentions for yourself.


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