Empower Yourself

With Kindness

Compassion & Mindfulness Training for a Happy & Healthy Life 


Self-Compassion is key to
feeling loved and worthy


We’re all getting older, and turning back time isn’t an option. Yes, you can tick off the big milestones like your job, kids, and house, but are you meeting your deepest desires? 

Have you become the confident adult you thought you would be? Or are you secretly afraid of aging, feeling less valued, and not being seen? Are you still hiding your true self behind an inner battle with self-doubt and anxiety? 

Now is the time to take your desires and inner struggles more seriously.


Take what you need and live mindfully.


Start becoming friends with yourself (again). Create a safe relationship fueled by compassion and strengthened through bodily experiences.
Coaching sessions are available around the globe as we connect online via Zoom. Different time zones are available.


Online Program  

This Mindful Self-Compassion Program empowers you to cultivate love, kindness, and compassion for yourself.
The curriculum of this certified group program was created by Kristin Neff & Chris Germer.


You deserve to be heard.

Mindful Self-Compassion comes along with many benefits to your mental and emotional health.  Working in a 1:1 coaching setting, you'll get the tailored-made support you deserve to meet you exactly where you are. This is a beautiful option for clients who are looking for a sustainable practice that leaves them feeling connected and capable of growing into their authentic selves. 
If you feel stuck and wish to let go of everyday concerns, mindfulness and compassion coaching might be helpful for you too.


You Want to Feel at Ease and Confident in Your Skin. It’s That Simple. 


I know living authentically (and confidently) is one of your deepest desires. You know it’s connected to your mindset. You just thought you would have achieved it by now. 

The solution is buried within you and all you’ve been through. You just need a little help to find your way through. 

You might be skeptical about another approach to self-care. You’ve already tried ALL kinds of self-support. 

I get it. Looking back, there’s frustration and regret. Looking ahead, you might feel anxious or exhausted. We tend to prioritize society’s expectations and ignore what’s true for us as individuals. 

So, what makes this approach different?

And what can you expect from MSC anyhow? 

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) helps you fully embrace your life—the ups, the downs, and the muddy middle. MSC teaches you how to trust (and befriend) yourself without needing to “fix” yourself first. 

Discover ways to prioritize your dreams and love who you’ve become while honestly addressing your doubts and fears. NOW is the BEST TIME to learn and cultivate self-compassion!


The retreat was powerful and enlightening. A wonderful opportunity to pause and let go.

 MSC Retreat 2022



MSC has changed my life for good. I found a new way of living and let go of the woman I'd thought I had to become. 

MSC Class 2021

 I’m Franzi, your Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, and friend throughout your adventure. I study, practice, and teach mindfulness and compassion. I’m fascinated by the somatic healing power that made all the difference on my journey. Everyone is on their own path. Sometimes we just need a little nudge toward loving ourselves just the way we are. Making friends with myself transformed my life, and it can change yours, too.

Nice to meet you!


Your journey had quite a few

“aha’s” and “arrgrh’s” — and you feel too young

to leave it like it is!

Start taking care of your needs today.