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I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn how to be self-kind. After a successful hotel management career, I realized I was missing a true connection with myself. My failures seemed overwhelming to me ... Experiencing suffering and the capability to be kind to myself at the same time. Wow.
An awe-inspiring, courageous move toward the love I was longing for was so impactful. 

My name is Franzi (Nickname from the German „Franziska“) As a certified coach, trainer, and lifelong learner, I specialize in mindful self-compassion.
The theory has a strong scientific background and serves more than just the pious wish for a better world.

There are now numerous evidence-based studies that even brought me - a kick-ass Ironman finisher- into contact with this exciting topic. In my past decade, self-compassion has been a loose phrase with no deeper meaning for me. Today, I do not want to go without. 

For me personally, it was particularly important not to forfeit ambition. Not to demonize motivation and success-oriented goals, but to find a modern way to support me. There is no need to balance motivation (drive) against self-compassion. They will grow together.

Degrees & Certificates

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher
Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

Professional / Coach Positive Psychology
Institute f. Positive Psychology (2019)

Moderator & Speaker
University of Hamburg 

Certified Business Coach 
Coaching Academy (2018)


Empathy starts with yourself. It's not about pity or "fixing". It's about your inner well-being.

Loving-kindness and self-compassion are terms for doing yourself good. I have often been moved by the effect of this theory in practice. It is magical for both body and soul. And I am very sure it will be for you too.


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