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Get more clarity on how to overcome your challenges using the proven 9-step roadmap.
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Overcome your mental & physical struggles

Improve of your mental & physical health in 90 days or less.

My clients want to take care of their health & wellbeing without losing their ambitions. Some of them are stressed-out moms others are busy executive women. But all of them have one thing in common: They want better health & well-being. They are looking for help with mindset, and they want to get back in shape, mentally & physically. 

Before, they were struggling with:

  • self-doubt & shame from emotional eating habits
  • a repeat of old patterns, thoughts, and feelings on autopilot
  • lack of motivation and self-kindness
    ... and other underlying doubts and pains that made it impossible to develop the confidence to feel good

They changed. They learned to deal with all their struggles. Making mindfulness & self-compassion a default approach to live. 
You already know that emotional eating is just one piece of the puzzle.  A

Modern mindfulness & self-compassion for health-conscious women who want to try it the kind way- without losing ambitions.